Silica Ramming Mass

Furnace is heart of your factory.Please like it.

Acidic and Boric Silica Ramming Mass use in the lining of induction furnaces.

Quality of Ramming mass (or Refractory Ramming Mass) is directly related to the heating performance of the furnaces.

Better quality of lining results in the smooth working of furnaces, optimum output and better metallurgical control.

It is manufactured under strict supervision of qualified & experienced work force. Proper check is exercised on magnetic process to assure iron free material and to assure proper composition of granules according to furnace capacity.

The granulation of the mix are optimized keeping in view the furnace make and capacity, thus giving maximum and best results.

Steel factories can use silica ramming in ladle and tundish. in tundish if they use silica ramming mass instead tundish board they can save a big wealth for their companies.

Binder Type :Boric Acid (H3BO3) or Boron Oxide

Grain Size: 0-6 mm

Packing: 30 Kg water proof Bags, 1Ton Big Bags

Ramming Tundish


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